Step 1


How are you related to the property?

You'll need to be a homeowner (outright, or mortgaged) in order to proceed. We can't help private tenants.

Step 2


What type of property do you have?

This helps us to understand the size of the property, so that we can calculate accurate savings data.

Step 3


How many is your home spread over?

Scaffolding and access equipment is included in all of our fixed price solar installations.

Step 4


How many does your home have?

By knowing the number of bedrooms, we're able to estimate energy usage and approximate property size.

Step 5


How many people live in your home?

Count the number of people who live in, or stay at the property on a regular basis (and use energy).

Step 6

Energy Routine

Typically, when do you use electricity?

This helps us to understand when you use your energy, allowing us to demonstrate if solar will be a worthwhile, for you.

Step 7

Enter Usage

Enter your annual usage (kWh), below.

For example, if you leave lots of lights on around the home, have high usage appliances (like a hot tub, or an EV), you'd be classed as high.

Step 8

Roof Spaces

How many sides of your roof do you want solar installed on?

You'll draw each roof space separately in the next step so that we can calculate accurate savings data.

Step 9


Search for and select your address

From your address, we'll be able to calculate data on the level of sun, wind and temperature in your location.

Step 10


Do any trees/buildings cast a shadow on this roof?

Step 11

Roof direction

Select which way the roof that you've drawn points towards

Step 12

Book in for your free solar system design

Once submitted, one of our solar experts will contact you to discuss your system in more detail. Then, if you're happy, your system can be fitted in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Your Summary

  1. Ownership
  2. Property
  3. Floors
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Occupants
  6. Energy Routine
  7. Enter Usage
  8. Roof Spaces
  9. Location
  10. Shading
  11. Roof direction

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